Trilogy Agency is a revolutionary proprietary cause marketing firm that skillfully blends the new paradigm of corporate community engagement, organized employee volunteerism, and earned public relations.

Simply, we help companies give back to their communities, while returning measurable benefits, through community engagement, employee volunteerism and public relations.

Using an innovative 'Triple Crossover' model:


We design + produce a social cause (signature or customized) to help you achieve your company's CSR and community outreach objectives.  

We design + manage your corporate volunteer program with impeccable attention to details ensuring a highly rewarding volunteer experience. 

We design + deliver a highly targeted marketing, media, and PR campaign to positively impact your company's public relations goals.

End result is, proprietary cause marketing allows you to give back to your communities in a very tangible way, reward your employees with a fully-engaged volunteer team-building experience, and if you elect, tell those important to you, how your company, and your people, have contributed.

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